Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome 2010

We spent the very first day of January in the air....literally. Flying back to Washington from our adventures in Oklahoma and Arkansas.
And what could await us in Washington? Well, more adventures, of course!!
Our friend Arin flew in to visit us from New Hampshire. He actually arrived before we did and we had to get some sweet mutual friends to pick him up and entertain him for us until we got home.....THANKS MARK and TIF!!
Arin didn't just come to visit, he came to lead worship for our first Life Church service in 2010.

I think Kade thought he might just get to help him out so he joined him for a practice session. I wish I had some video of this because it was hilarious. Arin was singing and playing one thing and Kade was singing and playing something entirely different....but thought he was right on page. Thanks Arin for letting our little musician have some fun with you!

While Arin was here we took him for some fresh sea food down in Olympia at Tugboat Annie's.
I should have gotten a group shot of everyone but this is what I have instead:

Kade's smile is so huge because he was thrilled to get to see his "Lissa". He hadn't seen her since last year!
So, home on Friday night....a little touring and eating on Saturday....then Life Church on Sunday!

We took this picture not to show you how short I am but to show you how tall our friend Arin is. This microphone is set up for him to lead worship and I could walk right underneath it. Kyle thought that was picture worthy.
But the more important thing is that Arin used that mic well on Sunday night to worship Jesus.

Another THANKS Arin, for leading out in a great night of worship!

After Life Church we had a little eating party at one of Kade's favorite spots....Farrelli's!

Look at this fun crew!
Nothing like a good night of fellowship to follow up a good night of worship!

Arin was supposed to fly out Monday but his flight got messed up poor guy had to hang out with us for another day. We tried to make up for it by taking him to our nearest Sonic....he is Sonicless in New Hampshire.... And then we drug him all over with us looking for Pirate Party supplies. Yes, I said Pirate Party....guess who is about to have a birthday. Yep, Kade is going to be three and Yep, he requested a Pirate're surprised aren't you?

Arin did get on his way home Tuesday morning and the rest of the day we spent- you'll never believe this- opening presents!
A package arrived from Aunt Bib and Maw Maw was full of Christmas presents.

Kade and Ryne unwrapped some really cool Sesame Street ornaments from Maw Maw Frances. And as luck would have it, our tree was still up and they had a blast putting their ornaments on the tree.

Aunt Bib sent Ryne this train that he adores.

And Aunt Bib sent Kade....

I really wish I had gotten a good picture of the look on his face. I think he thought he was dreaming.

He put his ship together and played and played.

And played. I seriously thought he would be asking to take this boat to bed with him.
Perfect gift, Aunt Bib!!!

Next Ryne helped me cook supper....

Or at least he pretended to help me cook supper with the biggest pot he could pull out of the cabinet.

After supper----More presents!

We dialed up C.G. and Grandaddy on Skype so that they could give Ryne his birthday presents.
Kade was ready to remind Ryne how to open wrapped things.

And the first gift....Ryne's very own piano!

Then Kyle and Kade and I had a gift for Ryne...

This time he was showing Kade that he remember how to open his own presents.

A vacuum cleaner!
Okay, I know that might seem like and odd gift for a little boy but this kid loves when I vacuum. He chases the vacuum cleaner around and gets so close to it that the only safe way for me to vacuum is to hold him while I push the vacuum around the house. I am hoping that maybe now when I vacuum, Ryne can get his own vacuum and help me out. I'm thinking this was probably a selfish gift on my part....but he seems to like soon as I get the chance to vacuum again I'll let you know if the plan worked.

Then for the big present from C.G. and Grandaddy...

A car!
Another picture that I missed getting a shot of the "look on his face".

But you can see here that he really likes it.

And then Kade had to go for a ride.

The problem with that is that this car is a "one-seater".
But they kept trying...

Look at them squeezed in!
And look at what Kade loaded up in the "trunk" to take along with him. Ha Ha....the pirate ship!

Kade finally found the place he fit best!

And then there were presents from Monk Monk, too.

Ryne opened this big box only to find a bunch of little boxes to be unwrapped.

Each box contained....

A new pair of shoes!
Kade even seemed to be impressed.

I think Ryne liked these.

These were my personal favorites!
He also got a cool pair of black converse tennis shoes that I didn't manage to get a picture of.
Thanks, Monk Monk! Shoes are Ryne's mommy's favorite kind of present!!!

Wednesday we spent cleaning to get ready for Bible study on Wednesday night.

Ryne was a great helper. He not only likes to vacuum, he has also taking a liking to sweeping as well.

And on Thursday, I had Ladies Bible Study at the coffee shop and the boys did this....

Built some cool stuff with Kade's new log building kit.

Then our next guest arrived on Thursday afternoon....just in time to have a bunch of guys over for a football party!

Good thing Kyle got the Christmas tree down for made room to move an extra couch downstairs for the party!
(Oh yeah, ROLL TIDE!!!)
Our friend Russell was back in town from West Virginia. He was here checking things out again because he and his family have decided to make a big move to out here to plant another church. We are super excited about that and can't wait to get them out here!
Russell got to stay until Tuesday.
Wednesday we went to visit the Doctor for Ryne's one year check up and shots. Boy is he growing. He now weighs 25.5 pounds which puts him only 6 pounds less than his big brother! And he is only 5 inches shorter than Kade!
It was also clean up for Bible Study day---again!
We are getting to be pros at that cleaning thing....I wish.

Today, was Thursday, Ladies Bible study at the coffee shop.
Plus, I had to get some schoolwork done. Second semester is well underway now and my chemistry students have been busy submitting labs to be graded.
Tomorrow the boys have a dentist appointment. I will have to let you know how that goes.

I must say 2010 is here in full force!
And this is what Ryne and I have to say about that....

Bring it on 2010....We're Ready For Ya!!!

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Kristen and David said...

What a great post. Looks like you guys are set to have a fabulous 2010! Love the pic of the 2 boys with their guitars. Very cute! And love the all-shoes gift from their favorite aunt!