Thursday, April 1, 2010

Child's Play

Our visitors from West Virginia left this morning. It was a fun week of adventure with them. I'll have to post more about that later. But since today is a "normal" day around here I thought I would try to catch up on life before Kyle and I went to Portland.

We have been having some beautiful spring weather and of course we have to take advantage of every opportunity to get the boys outdoors. They love it!

So below you will find pictures of the fun things the boys have kept us busy doing...

Trips to the park...

Kade had to stop and pick some flowers for me. Such a sweetie!

And he had to stop and pick some rocks for himself...which of course ended up in my pocket!

It is so nice that Ryne is big enough to actually "play" at the playground as opposed to sitting in the stroller watching Kade play.

The "big kid" in the picture is a new friend we met at the park this particular day.
Kade introduced himself and immediately asked this "friend" if he'd like to play hide-n-go-seek.
Thankfully this was a very sweet boy who was apparently used to playing with a little cousin and he played with Kade for a long time.

Kade's turn to hide his eyes.

And a couple of races took place as well. And wouldn't you know it Kade got to win them all. I told you this was a sweet kid we met.

One afternoon we went to the Children's Museum in Tacoma.
Our library actually has museum passes that you can check out and get free admission to the museum. We had to check it out!

And the boys had a blast....

Ryne wasn't sure what he wanted to do first.

Kade immediately went to picking apples from the apple tree.

Found himself and apron and kept right on working in the market.
We had to convince him that there was more cool stuff to do in order to get him to move on from there.

So he did some pretend painting.

And Ryne got all dressed up to help Kade paint.

They had a great time in the "construction area"

And then there was some fishing to do.

Ryne was all about wearing the costumes!

And Kade was all about the fishing.

Playing the drum.

Playing with stuffed animals.

The craft studio was really neat.

Ryne had fun in the craft studio, too.

Oh look, Kyle even enjoyed the craft studio!

Kade was busy building something elaborate I'm sure.

Kyle found something else that was entertaining to him.
And I had a blast watching all three of them.

Ryne liked this car that he could climb in and out the door. In fact it was close to the exit an we had to physically remove him from the car in order to leave.
We had a great afternoon at the children's museum and can't wait to have a chance to go back.

Ryne really like to play with balls these days.
And he doesn't just like to roll them, bounce them, throw them....

He also likes to carry them around in his mouth.
Silly boy!

Both of the boys really enjoy playing with their building blocks. And thankfully Ryne has gotten into the building part and doesn't just knock them down now. That sure does make Kade happy, too! Kade likes to build with purpose. He is always busy building something specific.

This one particular day he must have been hungry when he was building because he built two buildings. Check them out and I'll tell you what he said they were...

The one in the front is McDonald's (they are building one in DuPont right now)
And the taller one in the back is "a really big Fortune Cookie with lots and lots of Orange Chicken".

See how Ryne is present and the buildings are still in tact???

Another thing Kade is really into lately is throwing Birthday Parties for himself. Occasionally it is a party for me or his dad, but usually it is for himself.
He was playing in the office one afternoon and was so good and quite. Then he came to get me all excited because I just had to see what he had done. Check out how proud he is....

This was his birthday party that he had set up for himself.
It's always organized differently but you can always tell that it is organized.
"happy not your birthday kade!"

One afternoon we spent playing in the backyard. The boys playing in the playhouse and with the wheel barrow. Me, well, I was playing with my new camera....

This is the food Kade prepared for us to eat for lunch.
And it was so cute because after we ate he quickly said that we needed to clean up and get ready for Bible study at our house. And guess what. We had Bible study! I asked Kade what we were going to study and he said, "that Jesus is Lord." Then we went on to tell the entire story of Jonah. It was a great Bible Study at Kade's house.

Then I just took pictures of them while they were playing.....

Can't wait to figure out how to really use my does so well on "auto"! Can't imagine what it will be able to do when I know how to tell it what I want it to do.

So, lots of playing in our world. That's just the way it goes when you have a 1 year-old and 3 year-old. Wish you could all come play with us!!!!

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