Saturday, April 3, 2010

An Easter Extravaganza!

Easter is tomorrow!!!
We Lewallen's LOVE Easter!
Could there be anything better than celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ?
We don't think so!
Our Hope, Our Victory....we serve a Risen Savior!!!!

And we have been celebrating.
Just look at all this Easter fun...

Easter goodies from Granna and Paw:

This little hopping bunny was Ryne's favorite!
He kept bringing it back to me again and again to wind it up for him.

And Kade was pretty fond of his hopping chick as well.

Then the hopping chick disappeared under our china cabinet....

I think this little chick was doing me a favor because look what he found under there. A hidden sippy cup. And I am SO thankful that it was a juice cup and not a milk cup!

Ryne liked playing with the big fluffy bunny.

And Kade couldn't wait to eat one of his chocolate bunnies.

Do you think maybe he looks like he knows he missed out on the chocolate bunny?

And look at both of these boys working on their Easter bunny puzzles!

Thanks so much Granna and Paw for all the Easter goodies!

On Good Friday we were invited to our friend LeAnn's house for an Easter Egg Hunt.
She has a daycare and had planned an Easter party for her kiddos and let us join in the fun.

First was game time. Look at them all seated nicely at tables.
LeAnn must teach me her tricks...Ryne wasn't even buckled in. Ha!

Counting Jelly Beans for a jelly bean game.

Ryne just thinks he is such a big kid sitting at the table.
He was so happy to be there!

Then came the jelly bean relay game.
Kade and Ethan (LeAnn's little boy who Kade is friends with from church) were on a team and they were so much fun to watch. Getting jelly beans onto a spoon is not the easiest thing for three year olds to do but they sure did have fun trying!

Then we went outside and hunted for Easter Eggs. It was cold, windy, and a bit rainy but I don't think the kids knew the difference. They all had a big time!

Ryne got pretty good at spotting eggs once he got over checking out all the toys in the yard.

Kade was sure to check the toys for eggs.

And Ryne wanted to look in all of them when he found them.

Kade realized there would be time to check out the prizes inside later...he was all about filling up his basket.

And before we left, LeAnn had gotten a special treat for Kade.
Check this out....

It's Gummie Veggie Tales!
Guess who was the most excited little boy in all of Washington?

Today was the annual DuPont city Easter Egg Hunt. Oh yes, we attended!
Along with hundreds of other DuPontians!
They had the hunt divided into age groups and started with zero thru three year olds. So that included both of our boys. Look at the chaos that was their hunt...

It was as though the eggs just disappeared as soon as the hunt began.

And look at how Kade responded to not having even one egg left on the ground to find...

It was a tragedy, you guys! When I got to him he was throwing his empty Easter basket into the air in disgust and the tears were streaming.

Ryne was hanging out with his Daddy and didn't seem to know the difference.
I think he was just excited to be in the same place as every one else in DuPont.

See, Happy Camper here!

There is one little egg in his basket that someone gave to him.

And Kade ended up with these few eggs because other children saw him crying and felt sorry for him and gave him some of their eggs. Isn't that so sweet? Kade told them thanks...but you could tell that it just wasn't the same to him because he didn't find them himself.

So we told him and his friends Will and Carson that we would have another Egg Hunt just for them later.

Yep, that seemed to make him happy!

Home from the egg hunt for a quick lunch and changed the boys into their "Easter Outfits" to go see the Easter Bunny.

Kade really took to the Easter Bunny.


Not so much!

Poor guy fought to get away from the sweet bunny.

So we settled for getting some pics without Mr. Bunny....

Don't they just look so handsome?
I know they are mine and I have to think they are cute...but come on...don't they rest of you just love them in their ties?

Quick trip to Wally World to get some extra eggs.
Change back into egg hunting attire.
Meet our friends at the park.
Egg Hunt Number 2 for the day...begin....

Lots of eggs...only four hunters.....much better odds for these boys!

And wouldn't you know it...Ryne found more than just eggs to put in his basket!
It was a fun egg hunt. They boys had fun hunting and we had fun watching!

After I go wake Kade up from his late nap, we plan to dye eggs!
Should be fun!

Then the most exciting part of Easter for us comes tomorrow...

Life Church Easter Celebration!
This will mark the launching of weekly services for Life Church.
We are praying for God to do big things tomorrow!
Can't wait to tell you how it goes.

Happy Easter to you All!
God Bless You!!!


Michelle said...

Terry you two have very handsome little boys!! I love that one picture where Kade looks excited about something (the second tie picture), that is a great action shot! Happy Easter!!

kapjones said...

Isn't that how egg hunts go?? The big kids ALWAYS get the eggs! That happened to Will at our neighborhood egg hunt. Luckily Will was old enough to the point where he handled it very well - just running around made him happy this year. Great Easter pics!