Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Wrap Up

When I left you last we had completed three Easter Egg hunts and were getting prepped for dying eggs after nap time.
Well, we had a little change of plans....
after nap time Kade had something else that just HAD to be done first.
Remember these guys that he got at Mrs. LeAnn's house:

Marshmallow Veggie Tales!
It was imperative that Kade give them a try after nap time.
Who got to go first?

Bob the Tomato of course!

And Kade said he was delicious!

So delicious, in fact that he couldn't wait to give Larry the Cucumber a try...

From the looks of that green mouth, Larry was pretty tasty, too!

Don't these guys look a little nervous?
I made Kade stop after Larry but they know they are next!

Why should Kade have all the fun?

We let Ryne try a Peep.

One little nibble off the top of the head and he was done.
Ryne is apparently not a big fan of Peeps!
I think he was holding out for some chocolate!
Can't blame him for that.

We did finally get around to making Easter Eggs...

The finished products!

Kade was one proud Easter Egg creator.

And we even let Ryne get in on the action:

He had a great time coloring his Easter Egg.


This was the end result of Ryne's efforts.
One beautifully colored and cracked egg!

But I think he was pleased with his efforts, as well.

Then came Easter morning!

And with Easter morning comes Easter baskets full of goodies!

Kade and Ryne both had a fun time looking at everything they got. And Kade was so sweet...he took everything one by one and said "thank you mom and dad for the ball, thank you mom and dad for the movie, thank you mom and dad for the slippers, thank you mom and dad for the shark, thank you mom and dad for the candy" We even got a "thank you mom and dad for the...pause....what's this?" It's an Ant farm Kade. "oh, okay, yeah, thank you mom and dad for the Ant farm." Kade was thankful and that made us happy!

I'm sure Ryne was thankful too, because he was checking everything out closely. But as Kade will tell you, Ryne is a "man of few words".

We got all ready and headed to Sunbreak to enjoy Easter morning with our sponsoring church.
Can't even tell you how many ooo's and aaa's Ryne and Kade scored over wearing their little Easter ties to church.

Ryne was happy to be there!

Kade joined in with all the other kiddos after church and had some kind of "let's go crazy party".

Then I realized that all of these children may have had a bit of Easter candy to get them going Easter morning. It was fun watching them have such a big time together.

And then we took pictures with some special people...

This is Jan and Debbie. They are also so sweet to our boys and we just love them to pieces!
They both scored Cadbury Eggs (my personal fave) from Ms. Jan and you can see Ryne trying to figure it out. Kade quickly tucked his away in his shirt pocket where no one could get it. You would think he knew it was my favorite or something. Ha!

Then pics with Lissa...

Look how well she and Kade matched!

And Ryne was out of the picture taking mood at this point.

I did manage to get one picture of Kade with me before he, too, got out of the picture taking mood.

And since we saved the family shot for last....

This was the best we could get!
Maybe next Easter will be better.

And look what we found in Kade's pocket...

Well, of course something had to be done with the squashed Cadbury Egg.
Oh, you know I ate it!
Would be crying shame to let a Cadbury Egg go to waste, especially on Easter Day!

Easter morning at Sunbreak was super great!
Then home for a quick lunch and prep time for Life Church Easter service.

We had an exciting change of plans for childcare.
There is a new business in town that is called The Rubber Room. It is a children's play place and it is just down the street from Forza where Life Church meets. Kyle did some checking and was able to work it out for us to secure the Rubber Room for our childcare location every week. Exciting because it means no set up and take down for us at the gym. Exciting because there is more room. Exciting because the kiddos loved it!
Check out my boys getting their first look at the place...

Wish I would've gotten more pictures to show you. Maybe next week!

With childcare all set, I headed down to Forza for the service.
Was greeted by these two:

Jacob and Jordan were ready to make everyone feel welcome!
It was a good night for Life Church.

Worship was great, the Word was awesome!
Jesus was with us!
Jesus was celebrated!
The TRUTH was proclaimed!

We had quite a few first time guests. Many of them hung out for a while after the service making connections. There were quite a few of our "regulars" out of town and we missed seeing them. I am not sure what the "count" was. I do know that we had some empty chairs so that means we have room for more to join us next week!
I am excited to see what God is going to do as more people in DuPont hear the truth of the Gospel and start living for Jesus! Please keep praying for Life Church. We covet your prayers!

After service Kade learned a new game...

Jacob was teaching him to play chess!

He seems please with himself. The only problem with this is that I have absolutely no idea how to play chess. It is one of those games that has just never interested me at all. Seriously, I don't have a clue how to even set the game up, or what the pieces are called. Guess I'll have to call in Kyle for this adventure!

Now, let me wrap this post up with some very exciting news.....
But first I have to back up and tell you a quick story.

On Thursday I call my mom to check in. I know that she is working on a funeral and is extremely busy but I just felt like I needed to check on her. Glad I did. Found out that she fell that morning and broke her arm. She was still waiting for someone to come take up slack at the Flower Shop before she went to the hospital for X-rays. She finally made it to the hospital that afternoon and had the x-rays taken. The verdict: Elbow all busted up and another break below the elbow. Would require surgery to put pins in to get it all fixed up. She headed to the orthopedic clinic and they secured her all up in a sling and told her to come back on Monday and they would decide for sure what to do and schedule surgery then.

Called Mom on Friday to check on her and she admitted that she didn't sleep much at all the night before and commented on how she had no idea that bones could hurt that badly. She even admitted that she hadn't had enough sympathy on my sister when she had broken her leg now that she knew how badly it could hurt.

Fast forward to this morning....she went back to the orthopedic clinic so they could schedule surgery. They did more x-rays.
The only thing that showed up was a very small fracture that wouldn't even require a cast!!!!!!
Mom was super excited because she knew that God had healed her arm and she was quick to give him the credit. She said that she went down at church yesterday morning and asked them to pray for her arm to be healed. Ladies and gentleman, don't let anyone tell you that the Great Physician isn't still in the business of miracles!
The greatest miracle ever happened on Easter morning a couple thousand years ago when Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead! This miracle is what gives us the hope of Eternal Life and victory over Death forever! This miracle is what allows us to continue to experience the miraculous work of Jesus in our lives every day. Just so happens that this Easter He chose to heal my Mom's arm. All praise to HIM!!!

And yes, Mom said that she asked for the first set of x-rays so she would have "proof"!
I'm praying that other people who have hearts broken with sin will find healing through the salvation that Jesus Christ offers because they hear about my Mom's broken arm being healed!

And I have to tell you this. I came downstairs to Kade after getting off the phone with my Mom and told him that C.G. called and her arm was better. He never missed a beat, kept watching his movie, and said, "I knew it. I knew C.G.'s arm would be all better today. I prayed for her every night to be better. Yep, I knew her arm would be better this day." Now, what is it that God was telling us about being like little children? If only I could continually have the faith of my three-year-old!

I hope that you all had a Blessed and Happy Easter!


The Haywoods said...

That is an awesome story! Monkey told me today about your mom's arm, and I am so thrilled. God is good!
P.S. I laughed at Kade's easter egg meltdown. Bless his heart.

Amanda said...

I love it all Terry :) I think Kade's comment about CG's arm is the best. And...can I be one of your kiddos on Easter morning? :-) Pretty rad baskets!!

Lydia said...

Great story!! So glad you shared it! God is truly amazing!

Michelle said...

Awesome!! Faith like a child is what I've been working on lately. It's hard but that's what I want! God is awesome!!

cassie said...

Terry L, I love you! And your boys are SOOO handsome!!! It looks like you had an incredible Easter!

patti said...

Oh...what a great Easter! That Kade is something else...he knew great and what faith he has. precious, precious!