Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ending the Week with Beth!!!

As always it was an eventful week in the Lewallen household.
I'll try to do a quick recap in pictures....

I must go all the way back to last weekend real quick and share this picture with you....

This is Kade watching my laptop screen rather intently.
Why? What is he watching?
Arkansas Youth Conference took place in Little Rock, Arkansas last weekend.
When we lived in Arkansas, Kyle always did a lot with AYC and so it was just a part of our lives every spring. Kade attended his first AYC was when he was less than three months old. Then the next year my Mom actually came up to take care of Kade for us and took him to his second AYC when he was one. Last year we were living in Washington and we all had to miss AYC. It was sad. It was the first AYC that Kyle had missed since...oh, I don't know....maybe since its beginning. But this year they had a livestream for AYC and we could watch online. We didn't have to completely miss AYC. And it was as if Kade just knew it was something that he was supposed to be paying attention to. I loved that as a three year old living in Washington state, he got to "attend" his third Arkansas Youth Conference.

Okay moving on for a quicker recap of the rest of the week.

*Sunday was Life Church! It was good!
I worked with Life Kids in the Rubber Room again and it went super great.
There were some new faces in the coffee shop and I heard that Derek did a great job with the Word. We already have three people committed to being baptized on May 2nd. Praising Jesus for good Church. And praying for another excellent night tomorrow.

*There was Sidewalk Chalk! It was fun!

*Then this guy....

was sick!
I thought it might be allergies and not just a cold so I called the doctor and got him an appointment on Wednesday. Alissa came to go with us to the doctor and then out for a lunch date. On our way to the doctor, poor little Ryne got so sick in the car. It was major throw up everywhere. Bless his heart, he just sat there and never got upset at all. I called Kyle and told him that I had an emergency and needed him to meet me at the house to help. I turned to check on Kade riding next to Ryne in the back seat and asked him if he was okay. He said, "Yeah, I'm okay. I just had no idea that Ryne was going to throw up." I assured him that I had no idea either. I called the doctors office to let them know we wouldn't make it to the appointment and thankfully they had one just an hour and 15 minutes later. It took all of that hour and 15 minutes to bathe Ryne, clean the car and get ready to go all over again. And it only happened that quickly because Alissa watched the boys while Kyle and I cleaned. I'm so thankful that Kyle was available for my 911 emergency and that Alissa had made plans to go with us that day. Wow, how God always knows just what we are going to need!

We did make it to the doctor.....just a cold it seems.
And we did still have our lunch date....

Kade always loves getting to go eat with Lissa....

And Ryne....well, he had a fun time rubbing his corn dog in his hair.

*A crazy day for Ladies Bible study.
It was also a good day because our new friend Laura got to come join us.
And this sweet girl....

Baby Natalie was all smiles for us.

It was a sad day because it was Jeannette's last Thursday with us.

Oh, yeah why it was crazy...

This little fella and a buddy of his came bolting in the door behind someone.
And then there were these two pooches with no owners in sight just running crazy in the coffee shop. They didn't want to leave and didn't want to be caught. A pretty crazy distraction from our Bible study no doubt. But we must say it was a memorable day.

*And MORE sidewalk chalk....

Kade would tell you, "I'm a big fan of sidewalk chalk."
He has picked up on the fact that if you are a fan of something it means you like it and if you are not a fan of something it means you don't like it. And those are the terms he uses now. Instead of saying, "I don't like yogurt." he will say, "I'm not a fan of yogurt. I'm a fan of ice cream instead." Seriously I don't know how many times a day we here "I'm a fan of" or "I'm not a fan of". It does make me laugh.

Apparently he was a fan of Earth Day because while we had the sidewalk chalk out on Earth Day he drew this...

It's a world!
And all of those different colors you see are different parts of the world.
I remember one color was "DuPont, where we are now."
And the green was the rain forest.
I think the brown was Lacey (where we go to the grocery store)
Oh yes, every spot of color was a specific place.

See doesn't he look like a kid deep in thought?

Ryne joined in for a bit...

But then he disappeared.

I found him running along the fence toward our neighbors.
He had his eye on this....

But I wouldn't let him take the mower for a spin.

So he decided to just pull the grass up with his hands.

Which reminded Kade that he was good at pulling something up too.

And I found him searching for weeds to pull.
I think I am loving that I taught Kade about pulling weeds.

*We made pizza.
Okay, Kade made pizza...

He brought me his apron and asked me to put it on him and then he disappeared into the pantry. He emerged with my rain boot full of "ingredients" that he needed for making his pizza.
He handed me a box of baking soda and said, "Mom, can you open this? It is my special ingredient for my pizza." I have no idea where he learned about ingredients???

*We had a date night!
Friday night D and Lissa came over and watched the boys while Kyle and I headed off to dinner.
We tried a new place in downtown Olympia. It was such a nice evening.

This was the result of such a nice time out....empty dessert plates and an empty restaurant. Yep, that's right, we were the last one's out the door.

*And to top it all off I got to see Beth today!
Beth Moore, that is. Not in person...she was in Georgia....I was in Washington.
But I did get to be a part of her "So Long Insecurities" simulcast and it was an amazing day.

Amazing because I got to go with Alissa!

Amazing because Beth was bringing the Word!

Amazing because we got to see our friends LeAnn and Pat.

Amazing because we made some new friends.
The girl in the middle is from DuPont and we see each other at the gym and actually met once at the preschool open house we took Kade to.
The girl on the left is actually the cousin of one of my sweet friends from college. Such a small world!
The girl on the right is a super sweet girl that we had an opportunity to pray for today and I am believing God to do great things in her life.

Actually, I'm believing God for great things in my life as well. Today was such an encouragement to me. I have not read the book "So Long Insecurity" yet but I certainly plan to do so very soon. I need to keep reminding myself the things that God was teaching me today.
I'd try to tell you all about it, but my notebook is overflowing with notes and I'm sure Beth does a much better job in the book. So pick up a copy soon!

*Dinner with Jeannette and her Dad!
Jeannette's Dad came up from California to help her pack up and move. We got to meet him tonight. Jeannette took us out for dinner and we had a great time.
We enjoyed visiting with him and Ryne enjoyed his apple juice....

It was straight apple water added. He barely came up for air.
Now he knows what he's been missing! I hope I'm not in trouble.

What a week!!! I am blessed beyond measure!

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