Friday, April 16, 2010

Why Housework Can Wait....

It has been a lovely week in the Pacific Northwest.
And there are more than enough jobs that need to be done inside my home...I mean enough to keep me constantly busy for probably a month...and that would have to be a child-free month in order for me to get it all done.
I can't believe I'm going to show you this but I do have a small picture of the kind of jobs I'm talking about.

This is a pile of clean laundry that needs to be put away and folded. And that is adorable little Ryne sitting atop the pile of clean laundry that he and Kade packed into the suitcase that I still haven't put away since our trip to Portland last month. I know it is atrocious! But at least they are clean, right? And for some crazy reason my boys both love to play in piles of clean laundry. Ryne tries to put everything on and Kade either builds volcanoes or houses with the piles.
But I have not left the clothes all piled on the floor just to see this smiling face....

Nope, although I do love that smiling face, we've had better things to do.
The biggest of which is spending time outside. The weather has been so nice and we've had outside projects to do and the boys are both big enough to run and play. We just couldn't pass up the great outdoors.

And to think, if I had been inside folding laundry I would have missed this visitor to our back yard...

Mr. Woodpecker!
We had fun watching him carve a new hole in his tree.

And we had fun just playing outside every chance we had...

Gotta love this shirt...and if I had panned out some on this shot you would see that Kade is swinging his rake at a huge pine tree....because don't you know that's what rakes are for when you're three....and you're a boy!

Daddy is teaching them well!

And finally Kade seems to have figured out what the rake is supposed to be used for.

And some other fun things to do...

Kade had been begging all week to go to Farrelli's for pizza. Just so happened that we had a friend in town for some training and she wanted to meet us for lunch and Kade got his request!

This is one happy camper...working on his very own specially made pizza.

Ryne worked on his pizza dough, too. But I don't think he liked the taste of it. Ha!

And here you have it ladies and gentlemen...

Kade's specialty pizza!
I know you are all just licking your lips right now.

Thursday we definitely had more important things to do than housework.
Remember that Thursday is Ladies Bible Study day.
This was a special Thursday because Kyle was out of town at a conference and so I was without my Thursday morning baby-sitter. So the boys got to go to Forza for Bible Study. They were excited.

We set up in the back corner so that they wouldn't escape!

And they started out playing really well together at their table.
But then Kade got tired of sharing his table and Ryne just knew there was something more fun waiting for him in the diaper bag. He found the snacks...and the books....and the medicine bag....and the wipes....and the sunglasses....and....well, he went through everything before the study was over.

And here is the aftermath! Kade still busy coloring. And all of Ryne's mess scattered everywhere. But we still had a great time and thankfully all the ladies were very understanding of my two little tots tagging along.

Before I move on I have to tell you that Kade really wanted to go to the conference with Kyle. When Kyle told him that he was going to speak at the conference Kade immediately wanted to know if it was a "man conference". We figure this question came about because I went to the "ladies conference" a few weeks ago. Kyle told him yes, that it was a man conference and Kade said, "Well, I want to go. I'm a man." So Kyle quizzed him a little further and asked him what he would do if he went to the man conference with him. This is what Kade said, "I would tell them all about God. I would tell them that God is the savior, that He watches out for us and that He is our Super Hero." I think Kyle should have let him go! But Kyle did say that he was sure to tell everyone at the "man conference" just what Kade wanted to tell them. I hope that one day Kade gets to tell lots and lots of people about Jesus. I would be so proud!

Now, moving along...
We got home from Bible study and had nap time. Ryne didn't nap for long so he and I headed outside to enjoy the pretty day and I grabbed the camera hoping to get some fun pics...

A little Peek-A-B00

A precarious situation here.

And this is the face of a Daddy's boy who just saw his Daddy come driving up!

We had a fun time playing outside in the sunshine.

And eventually Kade did wake up.
He wasn't in much of a picture mood. He just wanted to get to work. Lissa had brought him his own gardening gloves and he couldn't wait to put them to use.
I talked him into smelling the flowers for me....

That is some serious smelling going on there!

I gave up trying for a cute pic and just gave him his gloves!
Look how happy that made him.
Then I taught him how to pull weeds. That made me happy!
So, in the end, the laundry was still piled on the floor but the flower beds were weed free!
Can't wait for those boys to be big enough that they can fold the laundry.

Hope you've had better things than housework to do this week, too!


Sara said...

Those pics of Ryne are so good! Glad to see you are getting lots of good use out of your camera.
I miss you guys, tell Kade I said hi!

Carozza Family said...

You have taking photography to a new level. Great Pictures. Love seeing the boys grow up. Miss you!