Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Girls and My Boys

This week I got to have a Girls Day!!!
All thanks to my sweet friend Jeannette.
She is moving to California to be close to family and we just couldn't let her go without spending and entire day letting her know that we love her and are thankful for her friendship. So on Thursday morning we had our normal Bible study and then headed out for lunch, shopping and pedicures! It was so much fun!!! Alissa did a great job with blogging and pics so you should go to her post "Jeannette Day" and check it out.
Definitely reminded me how much I need time with girls every now and then just to remind myself how much fun we girls can be when given the opportunity to just hang out.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my boys. Every day is Boys Day for me! And they can certainly be a whole lot of fun. You just never know what kind of fun you are going to get.

For instance, Kade has become a story teller. And I don't mean a liar! I mean a real story teller...making up his very own stories to tell. The latest story, that he has told multiple times with the exact same details, is about The Bread Man.
It goes something like this....

Once Upon a Time there was a Bread Man. And he was playing in his backyard and he thought he was hungry so he went to the vegetable garden to find some food. When he got to the vegetable garden he found a little boy. So he took the little boy home to eat him. When he got home all the Bread Mens were praying and the little boy stopped them from praying and told them that he was not food and not to eat him. And Then the little boy ran away down the road to his house. When his Momma opened the door he ran upstairs to his room to find a dark place to hide so he would be safe. And he was safe. And Then his Momma took him to the doctor, to the boo boo doctor, and showed the doctor where his boo boo was and the doctor made it all better. And then the Momma and the little boy went home and ate all the Bread Mens. And they lived happy ever after forever. The End.

Yes, I tried my best to use the same grammar and run-on sentences that Kade uses to tell his story. Probably didn't get enough "And Then's" in there but it is pretty close. Seems like kind of a scary story to me but Kade seems to think it is pretty good.

Thinking up new stories to tell maybe why he has been having a hard time going to sleep lately. The other night I made a run to the grocery store after the boys were in bed. (Yes, I have learned to do whatever it takes to get to the store without them.) Anyway, when I got home about an hour and a half later, Kade was still not asleep! Kyle said I needed to take my camera up if he got out of bed again because he had been stacking up his stuffed Bob and Larry Boy so that they were peeking out of his cracked door at him when he went upstairs. Sure enough he got up again and I went with the camera. No Bob and Larry Boy. Instead I was greeted by this:

Cowboy Kade!
I'm telling you he is a mess.
And Ryne is learning from him everyday how to be an even bigger mess.
Ryne's latest funny thing to do....

Put Kade's underwear on his head and run around.

Today was a nice unplanned Saturday for us. Sunshine! Lazy! A good day.
We weren't lazy all day. We did decide to at least start an outside project.
So we headed to Lowe's...

We looked at some fountains.....

Picked out some seeds.....

And looked at plants, and flowers, and dirt, and bird feeders, and vegetables until this is what we ended up with....

A not so happy to be at Lowe's anymore kind of face from Ryne.

So we checked out....

And it required three carts. One for plants, one for dirt, and one for boys.
Never could've made that trip by myself. Ha!

After nap time we headed outside to get started.

Ryne must have been hungry because he immediately picked up and old bagel that we had tossed out for the birds and started chomping away. Don't worry I didn't let him finish it.

The boys played and I took pictures while Kyle got all of our supplies ready.

Ryne decided to visit Kade in the playhouse.

While these guys waited to see if they would make it to some new ground today.
But poor little flowers, Kade had other plans.

He wanted to pick out some seeds to plant first.

So he and Kyle got busy getting some soil together.

About that time Ryne realized there was work to be done and he came running....

Wooden spoon and rolling pin in hand.
You never know just what kind of tools you might need when planting seeds.

But Ryne found a real garden tool to use instead.

While Kade got those seeds planted.

I know, you want to know what kind of seeds, right.
I almost forgot to tell you.
Spinach and Squash.
Hey, that's what he picked. This kid loves his veggies!

Don't worry, Ryne did his part...

a little taste test of the soil to make sure it was good for growing spinach and squash. Ha ha!

And of course we couldn't get by without just letting them play in the dirt for a bit....

Another fun day with my boys!

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